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Partner With Us

Become a Monthly Partner with the Berkshire Dream Center

By partnering with us we can continue to "Love & Serve Others" in Berkshire County. Our mission statement is  “Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.” We seek to provide hope by meeting both tangible and spiritual needs. The Berkshire Dream Center is an inner city church that has over 25 outreaches to help those in need. From handing out a bag of food to cleaning up the streets, we are committed to loving and serving others.

With partners who enable us to serve our communities in Berkshire County, the more of an impact and a difference we can make for so many families.

What is a financial partner?

A financial partner is a person, organization, or business who makes a monthly financial commitment to the Berkshire Dream Center. A partner can commit to donate any amount, and donations can be made anytime throughout the month that works best for the donor.

How can I contribute?

3 easy ways: By phone, mail or Paypal


A financial partner can contribute by calling us to make a one time payment

or by setting up an automatic monthly contribution with a debit card.


Donations can also be mailed to: P.O. Box 1987 Lanesboro, MA 01237


Give through Paypal and select the amount that you would like to contribute:

Or click the "Subscribe" button below to sign up for monthly automatic deductions.


Payment Options

Why become a financial partner?

Financial partners will get the benefit of:

1. The joy of sharing with us in spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

2. An exclusive monthly update report.

3. A 10% discount on all BDC products.

4. A year end statement of your giving. (that is tax deductible)

Thank you for your consideration in partnering with us to make a difference.

Please fill out the form below to become a monthly financial partner with us!

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