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DC Network


We are officially part of the Dream Center network that connects Dream Centers from around the world, all working together to help the hurting and the lost in our cities.

Our annual membership fee is due by the end of August & we need partnerships alongside of us so that we can continue to be part of this amazing Dream Center family!

Partnering together, we can reach people and see successful transformation in people’s lives. All the Dream Centers that are a part of the network are listed in one central location,, to allow greater communication and increase our impact globally. Our annual membership also provides us with the tools & resources to start new programs and make our current programs even better!

The Dream Center annual network fee is $2,500.00. We already have $1,250.00, but are looking for partnerships to help us raise the remaining amount of $1,250.00. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated! 

Thank you for helping us continue to make a difference right here in Berkshire County!