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BDC Small Groups



Winter Trimester runs January 27th-April 12th!

Sunday kickoff is Sunday, January 27th to hear from all of our leaders and what the groups will be!

We are so excited to offer Small Groups at the Dream Center! BDC Groups are small groups that meet throughout the week in homes or at the Berkshire Dream Center to build friendships, learn the Bible, and grow spiritually. BDC Groups are a great way to connect and get to know people at BDC while cultivating a strong relationship with God. We encourage everyone to join a Small Group!

New Semesters begin in January, May & September. Here are the NEW GROUPS for the winter trimester!


“Huddle Up!”

Come explore God’s Word and discover how it applies to our lives today! This group will help you learn how to explore Scripture & bring you deeper in your walk with God!

10:00-10:30am @ church before service

Co-ed group       Led by: John



“Discovering the Gifts of the Holy Spirit”

DVD teaching series by Benny Hinn that helps us  discover the gifts available to us by the Holy Spirit. All of us have gifts & talents to offer, come find yours and how to operate in them.

6:30pm @ church     Co-ed group

Led by: Theresa & Rick  


 “Strengthening our Faith”

This group is for people of all abilities that explores how to strengthen our faith in God. Hebrews 11 & the book of James will be key focuses for discussion! This is one that will help you take that next step in your walk with Christ.

6:00pm @ Roselie’s house    Co-ed group

Led by: Roselie & Caroline. (Call 413-522-3495 for the address)

“Ladies Group: Inspiration from

Hero’s of Faith”

Come hear of others who have lived for God with their whole heart and have given their lives for Him. This group will explore the stories of martyrs, where we can gain inspiration of how we can live for God today. Books used will be the Bible, Jesus Freaks & the End of the Spear.”

7:00pm @ church

Led by: Cathy & Karen



“Men’s Group: Encouragement & Support for Men of God”

As men we encounter unique stresses- the goal of this group is to share about these challenges, support each other through prayer, and through Scripture seek God’s desire for us to overcome challenges & grow.

7:00pm @ church

Led by: Pastor Jesse & Keith



“12 Steps for Christians”

A 12-Step Program for those who want to break free from the addictions they face. God is able to give us the strength and help us overcome them through His love & power.

6:00pm @ church       Co-ed group

Led by: Joseph & Tina



Who are BDC Small Groups for?

Whether you’re brand-new to the Berkshire Dream Center Church or have been coming for years, a BDC Group is a great next step for anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with God, learn new truths in the Bible and develop new friendships.

What is a typical meeting like?

Each BDC group is unique, but generally all groups have some social time with snacks and conversation up front, followed by a time of study and prayer.

These weekly meetings run about 60-90 minutes in length.

Why should I join a BDC Small Group?

-       You’ll meet new friends in this city that will encourage you. (Proverbs 27:17)

-       Weekly Bible study will help you grow in your faith. (Psalm 119:11; 2 Timothy 3:16-17).

-       Prayer from others helps you get through the tough times. (Philippians 4:6; 1 John 5:14-15).

-       You’ll have fun with other people going through the same things you are. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)

How often do Groups meet?

Groups usually meet once per week for a semester of usually 10 – 12 weeks.

What about childcare?

Each individual group is responsible for deciding how to handle childcare needs.

Some options are:

+ Group members make their own child care arrangements

+ Group members share child care costs and arrange for a sitter to tend to the kids in a different room while the group’s in session.

+ Group members take turns watching the kids each week.

Can I host and/or facilitate a BDC Group?

We are always looking for additional people to facilitate a small group and/or individuals to open their homes to host a Small Group. 

One of the exciting components of BDC Groups are small groups meetings in homes. The only requirements we ask is that you have been coming to BDC for a minimum of three months, have been a Group member in a BDC Group at least once during a calendar year, and have made a faith commitment to follow Jesus.

How much space is necessary to host and/or facilitate a BDC Group in my home?

All you need is a room large enough to accommodate around 5- 7 people, a TV and DVD player. 

If you have any further questions, please feel to call us at 413-522-3495.